Photos by Will Reid

"Andrew has been a wedding and portrait photographer for nearly a decade, and since those early years has grown to be one of the top rated wedding photographers in province. His work can be seen in many of the prestigious magazines and online publications around the world. Andrew is based in Niagara on the Lake, Canada with his wife Emma and his 3 children Zoe, Milo, and TBD.  Andrew & Emma have travelled over 17 countries together and hope that's just the beginning.

His use of film and his fun yet professional character make planning and being photographed an absolute pleasure."

~ E.P.H.

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We have had the distinct pleasure to be a preferred + featured photographer of some of the top editorial magazines and online publications; including:







Our focus is to always delivery the best experience possible for our couples and families. In doing so we've become the highest rated wedding and portrait photographer in the area with the 3 Best Rated award three years running now. Here's just a few words from a hand-full of recent clients. You can find many more HERE.

Andrew and Emma are wonderful people who take the time to connect with you and put everyone at ease. Our most recent shoot was with our family of five and they were happy to let the kids do their own thing, while capturing the natural emotion on their faces, rather than trying to manufacture a certain pose or look. Another review pointed out how Andrew Mark Photography "makes being in love look the way it feels". So true! When I look at the pictures of my kids, I can SEE, in ink, the way I feel about them. Amazing. The finished product is exactly what you hope for when you hear the words "fine art photography". These are the types of photos that you get printed as big as you can and then hang on your wall for a long long time. While ordinary studio portraits start to look old a year later, Andrew's work is striking and unique, yet timeless. You will not be disappointed by the subtlety, creativity and artistic skill that go into capturing the most beautiful moments in your life.



Andrew's ability to artistically capture a moment through his craft is one of a kind. His photos are a creation of beauty. He is easy to work with and does not possess the negative stereotypes of a typical artist. He is organized, professional and business like with an outgoing personality that makes everything fun! Most of all, his vision to create art via photographs makes his approach to his subjects truly unique.


I have had the privilege of not only working with Andrew Mark as a client, but also watching his talent grow over the years. Andrew and his wife Emma are a pleasure to work with, as they make you feel relaxed and comfortable during the shoot, which makes for more beautiful photos. I love the elegant casualness of their photos; as if they were secretly photographing your life moments without you knowing - allowing for the genuine smiles and romantic kisses that they capture. I have always and will continue to recommend Andrew Mark Photography!

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